Thursday, March 15, 2012

To spend or not to spend.....different for everyone.

I always finding it fascinating when others tell me what they spend their money on and what the don’t spend it on. So I thought I would share ours. I don’t spend money on paper towels (unless it’s getting them for my husband for on the road) because kitchen towels are very cheap and I can wash and reuse them, same with sponges I just buy wash clothes. My girls and I have long hair which is less up keep so we only get our hair trimmed about twice a year. I do get my hair permed and highlighted but the perm lasts all year and sense this is my first year getting highlights‘, I’m not sure how many times I will have to do them but I haven’t had them done sense October…..although I probably should. The only reason I got highlights is because I have very dark brown (black if you will) hair and I started going GREY!!!!!! I’m only just 28 years old, how did that even happen!?! Anyways it’s cheaper then dying all my hair. We don’t go out to eat very much at all, I’ll rephrase that, the girls and I don’t..the husband when he runs out of food that I have made him will eat out. We don’t travel a lot, little day trips here and there, but have decided until this house is done that there won’t be any big trips, which includes flying back home to see my family. That was a really hard decision for me, but life isn’t always fair and having my husband only home 3 days a month wasn’t fair either. I LOVE and am boarder line obsessed with reading frugal blogs and blogs about others getting out of debt and started coming down hard on myself last night because I read that a lot of them don’t have cable, landlines, cellpnones, coupon and shop at thrift stores…..ummmm I have all of those, I don’t coupon (I do for clothing and home projects) and you can’t find anything in our thrift store that is 40 min.’s away! I had gone for 8 months without satellite TV and only had netflicks and hulu plus, but it just hasn’t been working out as well has we had hoped it would, so this Sunday we are getting Dish TV but it will cost about the same as what we have been spending…yes I’m trying to justify it. And like I said we spend a lot of time at home and I would go crazy without the net and TV, that is my window to the rest of the world! I don’t coupon because we don’t buy the products that they have coupons for, I will write a post in the future about our groceries. We have a landline because we don’t have cell service in out area, the husband needs a cell and I have one for when I do leave town that cost $20 a month. I spend more money on natural beauty products for my girls and I (Husband wants nothing to do with it) because have had some skin problems and once I looked into what the products had in them I had a minnie wig out. And I will also go more in-depth about those in a future post as well. I don’t get manicure or pedicure, because I can do them myself for free and that is just to much up keep for me. Yes I am every mans dream :O) Neither one of us drinks or smokes. My closest friend lives 6 hours away, so I’m not spending money out with friends all the time. I’m not into designer bags or shoes…that saves a lot! As of right now my girls aren’t in any after school activities. We did have them in gymnastics and two made team…YIKES! That was a lot of running around and money, and not only that grades started slipping. They took the news of stopping it very well, they also can see the bigger picture better then most can. I can almost count on one hand how much of our furniture has been given to us, same with out appliances. One day I would love everything new for right now everything works, looks decent and works. With three kids and all the construction that goes on here, we thought best to wait to replace anything for awhile. We don’t have big over the top Christmas’s or birthdays, we make a budget and stick to them, we have one next month that I will post about. We are all so different with our money and what we choose to spend it on, and there isn’t a one size fits all. How about you? What is worth the money to your family and what isn’t?


  1. Must be tough having a husband gone so much. I tend to feel like I "need" mine at home! We don't spend money on most of those things either. No cable, minimal cell plans (no smart phones!), no dining out, etc. We actually prefer to eat at home, at least that way we know what's in our food!

  2. It's interesting to see how people manage their finances. It's fun because everyone is different and no one is really wrong. Everyone has different priorities and different justifications which is why it is called "personal" finance. You also get to learn from each other and improve yourself in this way.