Saturday, March 10, 2012

From the Beginning

My husband and I were married at the very young ages of 18 (me) and 20 (him). Just reading that brings a shocked look to my face! I had worked for under a year before we had our first child. I have been a SAHM for 9 years (8 months before I had given birth). I’ll just put it out there, I haven’t ever really had a job and have get to go to collage. So at 19 I had out first DD (daughter) age 22 for our 2nd dd and age 24 when I had out last and final dd . Yes you read that right, THREE daughters… can say it….teenage years are going to be a blast!! When my oldest daughter was 1 we bought our house we are living in now, a very large (3 thousand square feet) falling a part needs more then a little TLC house. We bought this house for 21k and taking out a loan for 31k , I was 20 and he was 23.…..yes so very very young! For the first five years that we lived here we did very little to the house in way of fixing it up. Why? Well, because we were so broke. Fast forward to today, we are 28 (me) and 30 (him) with our daughters 8,6, and soon to be 4. In the last year of my husband having a well paying job we have gone full force into fixing our “Money Pit” . And when I say a well paying job, I mean when you were making $24k a year with a family of 5, anything above that is great! My husband is now a truck driver and is gone for 2-3 weeks at a time, more 3 weeks then not. This job is a short term one (he has been working there for 3 already) we hope for him to come off the road from this job into a local one in the next 3-4 years. But until this house and our debt is done sucking money from us this is the job he has to stay in for now. And as you can imagine in those years of not making ends met, we racked up our fair share of debt. So there you have it, my whole adult life story…in a nut shell anyways. We have a plan that we have set in motion which I will share with you in my next post.

Here is a picture of "The Money Pit" and in all fairness to “The Pit” this is what it looked like when we were having the old siding taken off, but this gives you an idea of what we have been dealing with. 

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  1. You've been through a lot in such a short span of time and you've still got a ways to go but I do believe you will be able to make it.